In Search Of The Crystal

by Magrathea

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distant planet One of the best prog rock CDs I've heard recently. This band have toured with the likes of Pallas and are totally at home in such company !! Whilst those who like vintage Genesis prog music will like this, it is in fact refreshingly original. Some lovely melodies and some complex prog themes and some minimalist chill out moments too. If you like prog-rock, ignore this band at your peril... Favorite track: Search For The Crystal.
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released June 14, 2012

Written and Produced by Magrathea

Glenn Alexander - Vox/Keys/Drums
Gary Retep Gordon - Guitars/Bass



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Magrathea Lancashire, UK

Formed 1994' in Bury, UK, Magrathea have undergone many a change, almost as many as 'Spinal Tap' in the guitar department alone. Two original members remain in Glenn Alexander Barnes and Gary Gordon. From the early days the band have gone from a hard edged metal sound to a sometimes softer edge in the spanning 20 years of the bands existence, many recordings of varying styles have been made ... more

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Track Name: Search For The Crystal
In Search Of The Crystal
Friends set out in search of the glittering caves
Journey to the land of legends past and present
To find the crystal that's going to change our lives
We'll progress to a new dawn of waking conciousness
Take me to the island in floating space
Seek out the Crimson King he might help
In Rodean forests of blue and green
prettyful lady she dance and sings
She reaches in and my heart explodes
I'm wide awake in my minxy dream
Retain my mass in the space of a lifetime
Logic dictates we should Hackett to bits
Search for the Crystal it's music in progress
Glittering caves hold the secret of life
Latimar set sail for unlikely skies
Banish triads from our memory we change our tones
The strangest fish pass us by in winter flight
Telling us tales from beginnings the dawn of time
Take me down the uneven steps
There lies in darkness the Taurus God
Resurrect the power of ancient times
Beauty and mystery while she sleeps
With this gift i bless you with knowledge of light and sound
And so it shall be said in splendid books of wisdom
Accepted shapes and tonality abandon us in shame
Make way for the future,return to musication
Track Name: Bug Eyed Monster
Bug Eyed Monster
It is well defined in summer sun
You can see the magic all around
Heat soaked humans toasted to a crisp
Browned by ball of yellow fire we sit
For hours and hours we gaze at empty blue
Aeroplanes drone constantly in space
Parched we guzzle liquid sustenance
Bleary gaze at Venus walking by,Hurray!
Falling asleep on the beach i dream
Bikini removals and cold suncream
The crabs and the starfish wake up in their pools
Conspiring to eat me i'm buried alive
Beaching whales keep throwing themselves at our mercy
Oily slick turns gulls into slimy dodos
Creatures of the deep catch them in our fishing vessels
Bug eyed fish in broily destination
VERSE2 (man's best friend speaks)
Master leaves his senses home alone
Seagulls soar with evil on their minds
Peck out eyes from sacred human beings to
Feast on holy flesh they hope and dream
Children's ice cream melts in sticky pools
Big brown eyes sob blindly innocence
Over my dead body gulls will gloat
Never will they harm my simple charge NO!
BRIDGE2(Stupid Human Realizes)
Sand in my mouth i wake up with a jolt
Suckers and pincers removing my skin
Crying aloud but too weak to move
I'm slowly devoured leave the bones to the dogs
Children kicking sand in my face little demons!
Disappear in slimy pools it's a mystery
Black eyed sharks swim closer still we go now
Track Name: Keeper Of Souls
Keeper Of Souls
I love to hear the switchblade swish in
Alleys dark i hide
Driven by a burning heart i creep inside your brain
Come follow me i will show you the way
You're not fit to live,desecrate a human soul
Paranoia plays it's part,it fuels the fear within
Darkness is my only witness,i provide the light
You are undeserving,pain will be your prize
Underclass malignant,a useless waste of time
Tramps and pros,an affront to God
You must pay in blood for your blasphemy
To frre my soul,i must take your life
For on angel's wings you return to heaven
Oh Brother Samuel what have you done?
You've snuffed out an innocent patient of mine
Mistakes can be made in our unholy quest
Find retribution in self flaggelation
Time to remind you the Keeper Of Souls
No sleep for merciful warriors of God
I pray to the masses the Children Of Light
For a virtuous life you must suffer
Counting out this earthly life,i wait to join with HIM
Heaven waits for all good men,My sainthood is assured
Finally i die,who is this that summons me?
Burning cold black eyes flay my soul for all eternity
Track Name: It's About That Time
It's About That Time!
My posture stoops,from all i have seen
Good times there have been,things said i don't mean
Detractors say,i'm burning out
High as a kite,it's time for flight
My frame is wracked with pain,it helps me find my soul
Living on the edge,i haven't a care in the world
It's about that time,push me over the edge
I just need to jump,leave this world behind
I'm really cold,a callousness untold
An emotional child,i lose the way
Lost in my world,a self centred psyche
Push people out,i'm on my own
The best way to be,is alone lost and free
Long is the time,i can breathe in my space
I check for signs,it's about that time
I need to change,have to re arrange
They follow me,blindly in faith,No understanding
Track Name: Passion Play
Passion Play
See how the lovers of the fight gather in despair
Army gives meaning to their lives
Their tiny minds so frail
There's no need for helmets here
It's plain to see skulls empty
The need to kill for blood to spill
A drain on precious liquid

Here my siren song explosions ring in my deafened concience
It's only a matter of time till they find my
Broken and battered body
Bless the major and the captains
They all have our interests in mind
In this house of cards they juggle lives it's a passion play
Replay mother i'm ok but there doesn't seem to
Be an end to the suffering
Reload i'd rather shoot myself
At least i'd get to pick the daisies in cemetaries
Lusting for battle adreneline flows
The jackals wait in line
Waiting for darkness to fall like a spike
The stench of death is real
Lovers i remember when
We danced through the pastures picking flowers
Round your neck a daisy chain remains
Just like the piano wire strangling me
Track Name: Into The Drink Once More!
Into The Drink
I have a liking for a dusky maid
I have a flagon maybe drink some wine
The bar is crowded filled with ravaged souls
This is the place to get my sailing ship
Salt in my wounds i drink the sea,smell the breeze
All the King's men would slit my throat,can't catch me
Sick as a dog i run round Plymouth rock
The swelling waves give me a spinning head
Can't tell which way is up or even sound
A liability i'm overthrown
Black eyed sharks salivate in foam
Juicy morsel my dangling legs
Fins scythe closer through angry wake
Sailors laugh at my watery end
Making for the slimy rocks
Blind myself to sickening pain
Blood red trail from gaping wound
Frenzied fish attack in haste
Make for the lighthouse friend in need
Shine on me beacon of hope
Follow the stars we're heading home
Dragging our lifeline back to land
Return to our loved ones rolling hills
Watching the winter retreat
Green is the grass under my toes,warm is the beer on my lips
The barnacles are crunching under me
My naked body crawls up sandy beach
A salty damaged door i crack my fist
A wicked lady answers with a shriek
Trust me to pick a haunted house,tortured souls
Salt into stinging skin
Drag me through the splintered door
Ghostly hands are chilling me
Down the spiral stairs i fall
Into torture chamber dark
Track Name: The Magician
Travelling in my dusty cart for these long years
Only four legs as a friend
Even bertie knows that my magic tricks are sleight of hand
I'm spreading lies
I do my show the kids are bored they'd rather be in Arcadia
Mesmerised by noise and light i can't compete
In the modern world
Pester me not old man,don't want your top hat
It's old and cracked just go away
How did it get in my cart?
Dust off the cloth feel a trembling presence
A sparkling of light drags me into the funnel
Giant rabbits are nibbling at my heels i stack the deck
An epic landscape opens up revealing to me a splendid world
The sorcerer takes me to knowledge and truth
Passing through back to normal space
I take with me all the secrets i can use
Children come with their bulging eyes
Hearts are fluttering they are gasping with delight
Grown ups wake,shake their heads in fear
What is this we see it is devil's trickery
Bound in chains i'm paraded through,streets of angry fools
I will teach them humility
Casting stones break my battered flesh
In my weakened state,i prepare my final spell
Call my friends from the other world
Seek to rescue me i am deeply in their dept
Shall we destroy all these mindless creatures
Sheeplike they sway to a god of delusion
Please let them be future is in the children
They have the power to break through religion
Shall i return to the long winding round
Bertie and me plodding on who knows where?
Spreading awareness to the children of light
Show them the way from the power within
Track Name: Heaven Is Never Enough
Heaven Is Never Enough
Please open your eyes,is it me or has the world gone mad?
It's just that life has gone downhill
Since i found out that there is no God
When will people realize,that when you're born your death is not far away
To make the most of time is everyone's goal
Don't get distracted by the everyday things
Taught from birth to live a lie,the prayer remains the same
The deafening roar of religious beliefs,
Controlling people's lives
Turning the knife in my open wound
I agonise for the world
Let's say goodbye to beautiful things
The end of our days is near
Hatred runs deep,it's been going on for thousands of years
Little people fighting endlessly,in the holy land the rivers run red
A powerful game is played by evil men who like to control
No one seems to realize,their eternal rage is hell damnation
Sweating faces spread their lies spouting forth their truth
The space between the lines is void beguiling words of doom
Here in my room i watch the world go by
Spin my little fool
The melting glass distorts i can't discern what's real or just a dream
Sky...Fell...Human...Dodo....We go
Track Name: Interactive Dreamers
Interactive Dreamers
Crying inside,how can i fill this emptyness
Lonely tonight,the TV screen is living my life
Dream/reality,i live in a world of make believe
I have lost all my hope for this civilisation
Perverted creation,this lust for a power no one can control
Peace of mind lost in the screen what can this mean
Fantasy,i switch the scene to some kind of dream
Slow transition to fateful drifting
I brush the sleep from my eyes
The sole intention to stay awake i pray now
Degradation and hell damnation i am bound in the end
The last survivor the first temptation i go down
Hidden is the message in this psychic world
I sense it reaching out for me and you
Ripping through the fibres of our imagination
To test our strength,the powerplay
Most of me is willing to take a chance and go
Into the computer age virtual reality
Here we are inside of you nowhere elase to go
With just the one exception into the unknown
Damn the reservations that you fell inside
You've got to take a chance in life or it will pass you by
Into the trancer i am as one with the TV screen
Tattered shreds of life i used to know
This is the last time i will see reality
Interactive Dreamers we still sleep
You are controller sending me through a galaxy
Of wondrous sight and sound i am bound
Shifting creatures and twisted features
Are all around me a hellish symphony
A mindless melding,sublimal joining i pray now
I can see right through your sick mind
You just watch out,i am not blind
This is the dawn of a new age i go
Wandering in this empty space that i once called my mind
Soothing electricity shifting all around
I feel safe in this warm place a man without a face
I don't recall the time and place but i remember you

Stifled by the viscous womb trapped in my balloon
The TV glare retreats in haste,air is thinning out
A hand breaks free from snowy screen puntures through the ether
Dreamers take my battered body and cast it to the demons