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distant planet This is seminal progressive rock, with a real small production 'garage' vibe and a genuine 70s feel. Genesis and Pendragon fans will absolutely love this...Their other album 'In Search Of The Crystal' is even better, more complex and with some gorgeous melodies... Favorite track: Shadows Of Ignorance.
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Released 2004 - Re-mastered 2011

Original Review By Progressive World...



released November 11, 2011

Glenn Alexander - Vocals/Keyboards/Drums
Gary Gordon - Lead Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Bass Guitar/Chair Creak



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Magrathea Lancashire, UK

Formed 1994' in Bury, UK, Magrathea have undergone many a change, almost as many as 'Spinal Tap' in the guitar department alone. Two original members remain in Glenn Alexander Barnes and Gary Gordon. From the early days the band have gone from a hard edged metal sound to a sometimes softer edge in the spanning 20 years of the bands existence, many recordings of varying styles have been made ... more

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Track Name: Reunion
Don't you see the difference in my make up
Since i first appeared in your subconscious
Signifies a need for change in yourself
If you want to be in my ambitions
Seeing clear hurts me,i realise my failure
I despair your lack of judgements astounds me
Wasting your imagination away now
Dreams consist of waking nightmares if only
You could see what i've seen,a day might come when
Travelling on slowly,the start of my journey
Doesn't appear can't be so near,don't find it strange
That you can exchange my life for a new one
Interweaving our dreams stealing truth from ther Gods
I can hear them calling us
It's a matter of time 'till the Reunion
We are all together for the rebirth
Forces joined forever to find our utopia
When four worlds collide our time has come
It's just begun
To save you from disaster i would tell you
Face to face forgive me please see reason
Dread the confrontation but we must move on
Form our holy union in angel's armour
Carrying the flame it's my religion
Burning through the ages it signifies us
All you non believers get behind me
I will make it happen a holy image
Track Name: Shadows Of Ignorance
Shadows Of Ignorance
Fourteen years old very tall for my age
Sign my life away in ignorance
Great is the war that's so far away
Glory shall be mine i welcome it
Biding my time 'till the Kaiser's decline
Shadows of ignorance bound my mind
Marching along strange rivers and land we pass
Making our way through this confusion
A boiling cloud in the distance
Empires are burning God's face is turning
Fight 'till the last man alive
Don't stop just try to survive
Trenches are filling with bodies still burning
Waving the flag of the King i'm
Gazing at stars in the sky
Lightning strikes but misses me
Comrades fall in bloodied heap
The reaper passes me again
It seems he's having a busy day
A matter of time,i beg to decline
Ever onward i will go to serve my country willingly
It's the way of the warrior
Swallowing the bitter pill
The end justifies the means to an end
Shadows of ignorance cloud my mind
Sweetness and light gathers around me
A calming beauty emerges
Track Name: The Magical Box
The Magical Box
I can't understand what you see in this fantasy world
Lost to all reason you shut me out completely
You take my love for you with fear and distrust it makes me wonder
What was once a pleasant time,it's become a real drag
It's time to leave you
Can you believe that the people enjoy
Such ridiculous trivial nonsense
Fed on a diet of death and pornography
It's just a passage of time
Wasting their lives sat in front of a box
Full of poisonous diatribe
Images words go faster disaster is here
I talk to myself it's a lasting condition
I'm stuck in your world,i reach out for you
My heart is bleeding
What was once a pastime it's invaded our lives
It's time to go now
We'll take us a journey a magical mystery
Out of our tiny front door
Down the steep path to the gate we will walk
Who knows what pleasures await?
The streetlights are bright we go on through the night
To meet empty people awake!
Track Name: The Man Who Loved Flowers
The Man Who Loved Flowers
A tranquil place disturbed by riders
Country folk alarmed
Fumes from bikes are choking growth
Tyre tracks squashing earth
Laughing in their ignorance,teenage tearaways
Need to teach them all a lesson
One they'll never forget
Listen to the scarecrows call
He tells me to protect the land
Pigs and sheep are well aware to
Trespass would mean "Country Fayre"
Show respect for God's green and resplendant land
See the beauty in Nature's creativity
A pitchfork is a handy weapon
Watch those bikers fly
Stick in wheels propel through curved air
Splash my garden wall
Strip them naked burn their clothes
Dig a gaping hole
Jellied bones and pumpkin heads
Fertilize my land
Realize that the flowers reflect our mortality
See them grow in the blink of an eye
They all die
Worms break free breathe surface air
The poison bodies choke the earth
Blossomed flowers quickly wilt
They look to me for help
Screaming voices in my ears
I pray for rain to clean the soil
Paint the sky with shadows grey
Clouds explode in boiling water!
Scarecrow walks the land at night
He protects the "precious things"
Campers disappear in mist
Never see the city lights again!
Track Name: Galadriel
Far along the winding road,lies the Golden Wood
A haven for all creatures fair,a place untouched by time
Holding on to dreams gone by,a time of Legends past
They journeyed 'cross the sea to us,from a land with tales to tell
The world keeps changing all around your beauty stays the same
Eyes of fire,azure pools naked i am lost
The truth hurts in your Mirrormere,tempting to the touch
At night time i am laid to rest with visions of you now
Shining from afar,a star upon her brow
Galadriel the White,steals away the night
A high queen of the Elves,the jewel in the crown
Oh Lothlorien,keep my lady safe
Who will be your guardian when the shadow is approaching
Who can save you from all harm,hold you by the hand
Oh Galadriel take me in your arms
I can take your pain away,the troubles of the world
Surely the time will come to pass when all things fade to grey
To leave this world,ocean bound you and i will sail away
Horizons melt into the sun,we shift our gaze on high
To the stars that shine in the sky,i look into your eyes
Track Name: Brainwash
Come to me the ones who pray
Sons and daughters everywhere
The time has come to be anointed
All your dedication through the years
You wear the robes of your belief
So devout in piety
Let us kneel in majesty
Praise the lord reflect his glory
Faith in the invisible,Choked by the umbilicle
Wash my brain with fantasies
As a child i towed the line
Baptise me in tainted water
I stagnate in fetid odour
Fill me with the hatred pure
Distilled from generations clean
Purified by righteous anger
I can feel the tide is turning
Why is it wrong to decide for yourself
Make up your mind to walk down your path
Reach out for something more tangible
There's more to this life than the Holy Grail
Lost in the splendour of your creation
The man on the cross shakes his head in sorrow
Condemning your friends to eternal pain
What makes you think you are justified?
Track Name: Birds Of Fire
Watch the children dream in fascination
The Gods on high they pray for our lives
With concentration nature is in hibernation
Feel the naked flame burn the Earth
In a world where reason seems to be destroyed
A kiss from you is all it takes to sanctify
Soaring high above the clouds
The Birds Of Fire they shine for you
We are one blessed with understanding
Reaching high above the Earth
The sky is now our home again
We are one come to me i need you forever
Ricochet off rainbows ending the sun is blinding
The seeds of Man they spread their wings
Direction changing the wind is moving i am elusive
Hiding from the heathaze alone
Track Name: Agorophobic Witness Killer
Agoraphobic Witness Killer
A growing fear about this place
Lock my door shut out the light
Panic rises nerves strung out
The sweat grows cold i shiver within
Scan the horizon does it ever end?
Buildings crowd in create stifling twilight
Too many people milling about
Any which one could kill my spirit
Safe in my house little mice are my only friends
Make a cup of tea now i'm calming down
Knock at the door fear returns like a long lost friend
I get up to see who has come for me
Eclipse of light bears down a shadow outline at my door
Bring my knife into play for the last time
Smash through the glass seems Jehovah
Didn't see it coming
Don't let me out i'm much safer here
Prison protects from the world
Follow the rules and i'll bide my time
Space is so overrated
Doctors say i'm getting well
Take me for walks through warm wet grass
Think i'm fit to leave this place
I transfer to an open farm
Twinkling of an eye,and the stars close in tonight
Compress the soil and leaves it gags in my throat
Sick to my soul i break free from my shackled mind
Don't stand close to me i can't breathe in a dead
Regress to former glory spin my doctor's lying spleen
Crimson spreads over their white coats
Slash goes the knife seems the Devil didn't see it
Track Name: Fear Of The Unknown
Fear Of The Unknown
In your life of no consequence
Round and around clinging to your dreams
Hope to attain at least some of your goals
But fear holds you back from the brink of
They all hate you the screaming masses
Fear of the unknown
Steel yourself for greater things can
Come to he who waits so
Brush your tears away
Stuck in a rut it's time to move on
Down this lonely road a well trodden path
Distance alone won't keep you away
The problem's still there it's only you has to pay
They all love you the screaming masses
Track Name: Dreamscape
Lay your sleepy head bedtime tales for a while
Rub your tired eyes switch on the landing light
Mummy goes to bed leaves me here all alone
Clock ticks minutes by shadows grow all around
Away to the promised land
Dreamtime cross the Rubicon
Lonelyness banished for a night
I play with imaginary friends
Come with me to the dreamscape
Leave reality behind
Sail on an ocean of freedom
To lands that no one has seen
Chased by the wolves in the forests of Mercia
Hiding out in the treetops 'till they go
Riding on horses down mountains of ice and snow
Saving a princess from fortress of stone
Dragon's revenge my Nemesis a
Shield is no good flames conquer all
Driven by fear i raise my blade
Striking the scales searching the heart
Fighting invaders in armour of steel we go
Comrades in bravery heroes to all
Killing the infidels men of the sea
Poison our shores with their iron clad feet
Here i will stay in my kingdom of light!
Here i remain in lands only dreamt
A princess awakes i hear her waking up
She holds out her arms clinging to me as
I'm whisked away back to the light